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House in a House is a sustainable house renovation of an exiting 1980 rowhouse in Wassenaar. By adding a rooftop there is created more living space and a void. Around the void the sustainable climate control of the house is realised. Sleeping rooms connected to the void have windows. By opening the windows free energy could be added to the rooms. By electrical outside sunscreens the climate can be controlled. Nightcooling in summer cools the house.

Villa Zoom zelfbouw Westlandse Zoom Monster

House as a rock

House as a rock is a villa built in the Westlandse Zoom in Monster, close to the international schools in The Hague. The clients are a Dutch/Danish couple. The concept of the house is a minimalistic detailed rock looking sculpture coming out of the dunes, walls and roof become one. This is best visible in the sloping East-facade. The brick has a very natural appearance fitting with the dune sand and grass. The interior has great views on the nature. The plot is in Westlandse Zoom just outside Den Haag, close to Vroondaal.


Complete design

We use an integral design approach, where the principles of architecture, interior design, garden design, orientation and sustainability are in balance with each other.


Interior design

The renovation of the top floor of this Dutch mansion was a challenging one since the goal was to restore the traditional function of the rooms in an efficient and contemporary way without compromising the overall spatial experience. The main section of the apartment consists of a large space that contains the living room and the dining room….


Shortstay apartments

Currently we working on the design of LOFT hotel Hoofddorp in the Beukenhorst. It will be shortstay apartments for expats. The building permission has been approved. We expect to start construction in May 2016.

CPO | apartments for private clients

CPO project De Rede is under construction in the Houthavens of Amsterdam. This fully environmentally sustainable project is commissioned by the municipality of the capital city of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. Global Architects is currently realising this project, consisting of at least 18 apartments and 4 family-houses from 36 to 160 m2. It offers the possibilities for joint facilities, shared kitchen, fitness room, sports facilities, multi-functional space for parties, meetings, workshop space, garden, gardening, working at home, including a guesthouse.”

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Rowhouse for private clients

Are you interested to buy a building plot, we can advise and design your house. On the moment we are designing and constructing several houses for private clients all over The Netherlands: Den Haag, Leiden, Delft, Amsterdam, Hoorn, Zaanstad, Utrecht.

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Holiday homes

We designed several beachhouses, holiday bungalows and holiday homes, uses as short-stay appartments for tourists and expats.

architect office for contemporary architecture

Double Dutch is a free standing house designed and realized in 2012 – 2013. The design principles are based on a mixture of Dutch typical house and a composition of minimalistic square windows.


Beachpavilion Witsand is located in Noordwijk on the beach. It has natural rough materials fitting with the beach and free feeling.

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Where east meets West

The essence of Villa Nijverdal is the meeting of the Eastern and Western villa typology. The Eastern villa is mainly closed to the outside. It opens around a patio; around this central space all living area’s are situated. The modern Western villa is more open to the outside and interacts with its surroundings. Villa Nijverdal combines both principles, which makes it an unique design in unifying two opposites as in the philosophical context of Yin and Yang